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The Medicine Man White Paper

The Medicine Club

Whitepaper v1.1

Table of Contents


  1. The Medicine  Club
    1. Private Membership
      1. Perks & Rewards
      2. Cover charge
    2. How to Purchase a Membership
      1. Cost of Membership
      2. Coin supply
    3. Roadmap


The Medicine  Club


The Medicine  Club is a unique opportunity in San Diego’s Cannabis industry. It is a unique business in the history of the cannabis industry. It is the first in the world of digital currency, and it is the first in the recreational cannabis industry.The Medicine Club offers a membership for people to make the most out of our club. Members will have access to our private Cannabis Lounge, along with access our private parties and events. Though cannabis is recreational in the state of california there is still hurdles that cannabis smokers have to deal with. With apartment living and strict regulations to where and when a individual can consume cannabis, the medicine club would be a perfect space to not only smoke put also to network and entertain with family and friends .


How to Purchase a Membership


You may purchase a membership using cash, credit/debit , or crypto-currencies. You can use our tokens for purchase at our bar and from vendors. All coins used at the bar goes back on the market as a daily 10% discounted sell wall. Once the wall is gone the market will return to regular pricing. Each club will only be given 300,000 tokens. This is the amount to cover 300 members and and for the non members who want to join. They are given the equivalent to the cover in “$MED” tokens.


Perks & Rewards


You may own a membership with friends and family. You can lend your membership so other can enjoy  the club, You must email the club they are trying to attend ahead of time.


One of the perks of being a member is that you will get to meet  celebrities and notable personalities , all celebrity appearances will happen in the members only areas.


Being a member makes you revenue


Members may rent their tokens and charge a fee, some of our members do not live in San Diego and will only visit a few times a year . This will allow them to potentially create revenue from the rental of the tokens. The member may lease their membership through the club or on their own. There is a fee to use the club to lease your membership.


Token Ownership is required to attend specials events and our celebrity “meet & greets”. You will also need a membership to try our “Exclusive Strains“ that we have specifically made for our clubs. Any patron that is not a member will need to rent a membership to have access to any events, or have access to celebrities.


We offer the option to transfer your membership to another person, though we are sad that you want to go, but we understand personal situations change. The Medicine  Membership token trade on the Waves DEX as ‘MED’. You will be able to offer your tokens for sale as you see fit. You may also sell your membership through our concierge.


One of the main focus of the Medicine  Club is to show that the cannabis industry and cryptocurrency goes together . The clubs will always have crypto tickers on video monitors so you will always be able to trade while you enjoy your Headband Kush !!!


We will be also accepting other cryptocurrencies along with our tokens for payments and events . The Club is more of a private Dave and Buster with cannabis that host events and celebrities , One such special event featured Houston rapper Devin the Dude Meet-and-Greet. “There was a fifteen token fee for the Meet and Greet on the blockchain,




Because we value your privacy, we make sure all members attending the club signs a NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Need A place to network with cannabis entrepreneur? We can help


Cost of Membership


Medicine man membership levels:

We have changes to our Membership to be legal with 2018 laws . Please note there will be no Exceptions . We do not condone smoking and driving so we do request you have a ride or uber and Lyft services .  Medicine man Club is a 21+ club , we are very strict on security so please no weapons or Drama. The Medicine man Club is under 24/7 surveillance and we require ID for every member . All memberships require you to hold at certain amount of tokens before you enter the club . The $medicinman token is used for purchase such as food, drink, and entertainment .  


100 token is base membership ( includes entry to all clubs and 1 free $5 joint )


300 Token is bronze membership ( includes all base perks + you get a mid shelf 8th stored at all

clubs plus 2 free raffle tickets )


600 token is silver membership ( includes all base perks + you a top shelf ¼ stored at all clubs plus 3 free raffle tickets )


1000 tokens is our gold membership ( includes all base perks + you get a top shelf 1/2oz. Stored at all clubs and you can swap out strains. Plus 3 raffle tickets )


5000 tokens is Lifetime membership ( includes all base perks + you get private reserve 1.oz stored at the club and you will receive a $5 dab of our house WAX)


Coin Supply


There is a total of 100,000,000 tokens have been created , of that supply 50mm will be available to the market , the other 50mm will be for operations cost and licensing purchase along with land purchases



Since Medicine  Club’s opening in 2016, much has happened to contribute to the growth of this the club and the Token. Certain milestones set out by the community have been met and others are in progress. As we work hard on expanding the reach and adoption of Medicine  Club, y more milestones will be added to the Roadmap.

  • OPEN FIRST LOCATION ( SAN DIEGO) Open as of 2016

Available on Android, Windows and iOS (soon)


Medicine  Club integration with major U.S marijuana growers and Geneticist


Medicine  Club integration with legal marijuana resorts and entertainment facilities


Get free Medicine  Tokens for your purchases inside the club (prescription verification required)


Free to all medical marijuana organizations

  • Medicine  Club Heal CAMPAIGN + FREE Medicine  Tokens


Gaming Tournaments /esports

Gamers Ave is our  peer-to-peer video game tournament, for which it uses Game Credits, a cryptocurrency that allows gamers and developers buy and sell games and in-game items.


“You buy-in with [cryptocurrency], place a bounty on your head, people play you for that bounty. If you win, you give up that digital currency. Participants play Smash Brothers, Madden, Mortal Combat, Call of Duty, Tekken, Street Fighter, Legion and the like.


Public relations

Merry Jane :https://merryjane.com/culture/medicine–club-san-diego-crytocurrency

Twitter : @MedicineManSD

The Medicine Club is trying to fill the void , where yes Weed is Legal but that does not mean it “allowed” for you to smoke in your home or around children . We Aim to make a place that is safe and inviting for people to come enjoy themselves and to smoke.  Most of our clubs will be lounges but a few will be more of night clubs where it is permitted

The Weedary- 

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